Cell phone spy software are a simple solution to keeping a check on your child’s internet activities. Phone usage has increased monumentally since the advent of the smartphone and its many beneficial multiple functions. Various applications and security codes have made it harder for parents to keep a track on the content that their children are accessing. This makes it difficult for parents to fully perform their duties of guiding and protecting their child during the early years of their life. iOS spy application is the answer to this conundrum as it provides the parents with a window into the virtual world of their child.

The iPhone spy application requires an initial download and install process. However, the installation and setup is a little more challenging than a typical application. There are specific steps to follow very cautiously as you require your phone and the phone on which you wish to spy. The procedure is complicated also because of the fact that the iOS tracker needs to work in a manner that the target phone does not realize it’s there.


How Does the iPhone Spyware Work?

There are numerous applications that can make even the simple part of the process seem overwhelming. Before you download the application, it may be wise to first understand the workings of the iOS spy app so you may be better equipped at choosing an iOS spy software. There are several features in the spy apps for iOS that keep a track on the different aspects of your child’s cell phone. Depending on the package and features, the choice of application varies as well.

The software can track various activities on the target phone using its different functions. The iOS spy camera keeps a check on any activity taking place using the camera such as taking pictures, making videos, or having a video chat. A log of these activities is made by the spy cam of iOS and is available for you to view through the application. The app tracker in iOS can also use the iOS spy call feature to keep an eye on the numbers on which calls are made and can even record the calls if you want.
There are very detailed packages of the application so depending on the depth in which you wish to keep an eye on your child, you can choose the features that best suit you. You can use the GPS tracker pro for iOS to keep an eye on where your child is at any time, and the cell phone tracker will also look out for the text messages being sent out with the text tracker of iOS so you know who your child is with and what are they doing.

How to Help the iPhone Tracker Work Efficiently?

In order for the iPhone spy app to work efficiently, there are certain things to be kept in mind both before and after installing the application, so that you may get the most out of your purchase. When you spy on iPhone, you are breaking free of certain boundaries which require a little extra push for them to be broken away from. It is essential that you keep these in mind, else the application will not work for you as it is supposed to.

The first thing to keep in mind is prior to the installation process which is the compatibility of the two phones which are going to be the spy and the spied upon. For the iPhone spy software to work to the best of its capacity, the two phones should have the same software installed in them so that they may be in sync and transmit data, one to the other, flawlessly. Spy apps for iPhone will not even be able to be downloaded if the phones are not compatible with one another.

The second factor that the spy software for iPhone needs is a good, strong internet connection at all times. If you or your child are out and about and do not have access to a decent internet connection, then there are chances of delays in the transmission of data. For instance, any images or videos gathered by the spy camera for iPhone when your child was out with friends, would get to you a little later during the day than they would normally. For the iPhone to work as a spy cam, it needs the right kind of fuel provided by a strong internet connection.

How to Use the Dashboard of the iOS Spy?

The dashboard is the page you land on once you have downloaded, installed and setup your iPhone tracker app. From then onwards, whenever you log on to the application you will start on this page and then work your way into the rest of the application. The dashboard essentially has an overview of all the features of the phone tracker for iPhone. You can use it to navigate between all these features and keep a check on all the goings on of the target phone.

So, on the left hand side of the screen, you will find a list of activities you can do within the app, and further sub-categories within those options. The layout of the app can differ slightly depending on the Apple iPhone tracker that you are using. If you wish to see the data that the iPhone GPS tracker has collected, you will go under the Service Activity Logs category and find the relevant sub-category that you wish to see the logs for. The logs will contain all the information that you need to keep an eye on your child such as photos they shared, calls they made and the works.

Other activities that you can perform via the dashboard include updating your security information. If you wish to change the password, you can do that from here. You can also make your monthly payments for the application from the dashboard. If you wish to add or subtract any features, for instance the SMS or GPS tracker for iPhone, you can do so and update the package that you are using along with the payment plan. If you find you are having trouble with any feature such as the SMS tracker for iPhone, you can send a help inquiry through your dashboard as well, making it the hub of all the activity of the spy application.

How to Make the Installation Easier?

In order for the spyware on iPhone to work, it needs to installed efficiently. The key step is to make sure that both phones are compatible. Both spyware for iPhone 5 and spyware for iPhone 6 will get along, but spyware for iPhone and Android will not work together. Secondly, the iPhone spyware cannot work without jailbreaking, so ensure that both phones are jailbroken. The best spyware for iPhone is useless without following this step. While keeping this in mind, the method of spyware to install on iPhone becomes easier. As the application works on stealth mode, you need not worry about your child knowing how to detect spyware on iPhone, keeping your spy activity safe and private.